🐶🐶 Watch Your Dog Go Nuts Over This Frisbee Ball Toy with a Flashing Light 🐶🐶

Our innovative Frissbee Ball dog toy is designed to keep your pet entertained and engaged for hours on end. With its unique ability to automatically transform back into a ball after being thrown, your pet will never lose interest in playing.


Easily Detachable Parts For Cleaning & Storing

Why Frissbee Ball Dog Toy?

🐕 Made of durable, non-toxic materials that can withstand the toughest chews. With its built-in vents, this toy provides a secure and comfortable grip for your pet, allowing them to grab, toss and carry with ease.

🐈 Whether your pet likes to play indoors or outdoors, it's the perfect toy for any occasion. Its versatile design allows it to be used as a Frisbee for long catch games or a ball for interactive playtime.

Keep Your Dogs Active & Busy Even Outside!

Multiple Color, With Or Without Lights


Is this toy safe for my pet?

Yes, this toy is made from durable materials and is designed to be safe for pets. It is also non-toxic and BPA-free.

Is this toy suitable for all dogs?

This toy is suitable for all breeds of dogs due to its design and material providing hours of fun and maximum durability.

What are the benefits of this toy for my pet?

This toy can help to reduce stress and anxiety in pets, provide physical activity, and encourage mental stimulation. It is also a great way to bond with your pet and strengthen your relationship.

What is the difference between this toy and other similar toys on the market?

This toy is made from a unique material that is both durable and soft, making it safe for even the most aggressive chewers. It also features a built-in light that adds an extra element of fun and excitement to playtime.

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2023 Frisbee Ball Dog Toy

"I recently purchased this my pup, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. The toy is very sturdy and has held up to my dog's rough play without showing any signs of wear and tear.", Cassie

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  This Frisbee Ball Toy is Not Just a Toy, It’s a Party for Your Dog

  • 【Pet Toy Flying Saucer Ball】--- This stomp ball is cool and kinetic, with a lighting sense, the night can also be happy to play, by external force when there are colorful lights, press, and catch the ball more coolly.
  • 【Two Forms】--- The flying saucer ball dog toy after pressing a flying saucer, press the yellow circle with the palm of your hand, directly up and down to fit the suction, free to switch.
  • 【High quality material】--- This dog toy is made of environmentally friendly ABS material and soft rubber material, wear-resistant and bite-resistant, not easy to damage.
  • 【Cool Design】--- This toy ball has a stylish and cool design, and it has lights, so you can better interact with your pet at night.
  • 【A variety of colors】--- This stomp ball has colorful, diverse styles to meet your preference for color.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shannon S

Sweet toy for my kids...

Brooklyn K

cool light....

Kamron S

This is my second buy as i have two shiba and they keep fighting over 1 ball thus i just buy the seocnd one to keep both happy...


The material is good and sturdy.. think can last for quite a while with my rough dog...


Its cool..and looks really like a fun UFO....!!!