Moving window, Travelling Backpack With A View Easily Travel with Your Fur Baby Friend

"Not only can she relax, she can smell the air still, feel the sunshine, and look out as much as she wants!"

--- Jean

"The plastic front allows her to see out and makes it easy for me to keep an eye on her."

--- Sharon

Why Mycatpupyshop Cat Carrier Backpack

Cat Backpack with Clear Bubble!

Mycatpuppyshop is one of the pioneer in the market to design and produce clear bubble backpacks. Unlike the imitators, we insist on using waterproof fabric and high grade of transparency shell.

Thanks to pioneering innovation and an insistence on using only high-quality materials which sets the market benchmark for Pet carrier backpack.

* Hands free pet carrier

* Eye- catching Clear Window Design

* Water proof & Lightweight

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Bubble Cat Carrier Backpack

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    Common Questions About Product

    Can the cat get out accidentally anywhere on this?

    You’ll want to get a cat harness. There’s a strap under the pad on the bottom that comes up and connects to a harness. My cat can fit thru the small holes on the side (for petting or treats) & the top zippers are like any other zipper, they do not lock in place.

    Would I be able to fit a 17 pound highlander cat in this?

    My cat weighs 12.8 ibs and is able to lay down and stand, but I don’t think a cat much bigger would fit comfortably. Honestly I don’t think you be able to get a 17 lb cat in and get it zipped up.

    Are the zippers for the divider/egress on the bubble side or the fold out mesh side of the backpack? I.e. can I unzip the egress from the mesh side?

    You are able to open it from the back mess play area. But please be awear it gets very warm inside thr bubble. Do not have in direct sunlight

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Angella D

    I'd have her write it herself but I'm afraid she doesn't quite grasp writing. I bought this as a fun alternative to a classic carrier for a kitten I had adopted and she really likes to hang out in it. She's still getting used to traveling, but her company has made coffee runs and pet store adventures much more enjoyable. I also love having my boyfriend wear the bag so I can watch her in awe of the world around her. I throw treats into it from time to time and she will freely place herself inside this cute little backpack. It can expand into a tunnel (we haven't used this aspect very much), and so far it has proven to be very sturdy as she likes to rough house and chew on the bag when we're not adventuring. I'm really happy with this purchase and I feel safe bringing her out in it. I think the comfort of the carrier will even make vet visits a little less stressful on her part.

    Rachelle C.

    This backpack is great! I have been thinking about getting one for a while and finally did. My kitty doesn’t like being put in the backpack but when she is in there she relaxes. It’s pretty comfortable for me, I like that it has a chest strap to add to the support. Having the back being able to open up is really nice. When we take a break I open that up and my kitty likes to spread out. The only thing I don’t care for is the fact that in order to get to the back part I have to go into the compartment where my cat is so it’s a little inconvenient while out n about because I don’t want her to get out while I’m doing that. She’s an inside cat.

    Jackson E

    I carried my cat on my back while doing a morning walk through the park and he was comfortable and so was I. I was so pleased that I could take a long walk and the carrier did not pull on my shoulders or back. This carrier is a 10 plus.

    Rukhsar Stubbs

    My kitten LOVES her backpack. She knows when it's time to go and she jumps right in. When she sleeps, she chooses to go in her backpack, or to just relax in. She also loves that she can see everything, and really enjoys walks with it so her curiosity is peaked, but she's safe!
    My favorite part is the extended back, it's a great way for her to lay out and just have more space. I have had so many people tell me that it was such a cool "carrier" then when they realized it was a backpack, they were amazed.
    Great product, haven't had any issues!

    Brady Fields

    This pet backpack has been the best one I could find so far. It has enough air holes for your animal to breath properly. It definitely could have more holes to breath, especially if it’s hotter outside it doesn’t have to much circulation. I bought it for my cat and it’s the perfect size for him. The extra space on the back that opens up is very nice to have. It should be more sturdy though, every time my furry cat moves around the mesh gets messed up. Overall this bag is very good for your pets and comfortable on your shoulders.