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Bubble Puppy Feeder

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Tired Of Worrying Whether Your Nursing Pups Or Kittens Are Getting Enough Milk ?

  • 【Safe Silicone Materials】: The silicone puppy feeder with nipples adopts the food grade silicone material, soft, flexible, high temperature resistant and durable, easy to clean.
  • 【Multi puppy milk feeding station】: Nipples for puppies bottle can exploit the kitten puppies's nature of independent breastfeeding, rather than the artificial feeding one by one that will chock them.
  • 【Scientific Design】: Imitation of breast shape, 300ml big capacity, moderate nipple size fit for most pets, and cover our lid can help to decrease the air pressure, to slow the flow rate in case of chocking, nipple cover can protect the milk from dropping if the other pet babies don't drink.
  • 【User Guide】: Please make sure it is time for the meal, help to guide the puppy nursing bottles kit's nipple into pet babies's mouth, when it tastes the milk it will suck gradually, if it doesn't, please be patiently to try 2-3 times, once it is familiar with the bubble feeder it will suck by itself.


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      Roxanne G.

      I have bottle fed kittens before and it seems like every time I run out for KMR I have to pick up a new bottle or syringe. I don't have to do that anymore. This has 4 teets and it let's out a drop of milk to attract the neonate to begin to nurse. You can raise it slightly so the neonate can nurse on its stomach. This makes bottle feeding easier.

      Leilani Baker

      It is thick and durable. Looks good. The only question now is if the pups will latch on and nurse comfortably. The female was JUST bred so it will be 2 months before we have little pups. I'll update then if there are any issues.


      We found a tiny little puppy and it was abandoned by its mother. We tried a bottle but it was a bit difficult and ordered this and it came fast. It much easier to use as you feel it up and the puppy can eat like it would from its mom instead of trying to feed it like a baby. Several puppies can actually use it if the mom isn't feeding or whatever reason.