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Cactus Cat Scratching Post

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My Kitties have hours and hours of fun with this Cactus Scratching Post

  • Unique Design: This Cat scratching post with 3 scratching poles covered with green natural sisal and carpet standing on the round base like a mimic cactus rising from the golden desert looks cute and fresh that help blend into any modern decor and add fun flair to any room.
  • Various Height of Fun: A variety of post height from “7.5” to “20.9” satisfy all ages of cats’ scratching habit and stretching. It offer a perfect place for cats to relieve their stress, encourage their natural desire for a good scratch and save your expensive furniture from little tiger’s clawing.
  • Premium Choice: The base and top part are both covered in soft carpet that feels good on the paws, especially for adventurous kitties that want to jump to the top. It comes with 2 sizes. The medium post is suggest for cats up to “10lbs” and the large post is recommend for cat up to Adult cats.
  • Additional Benefit: Designed with cats in mind. It is equipped with hanging toy stimulate their prey-like behavior like pouncing and swatting and enhance their playing time with it and provide extra fun for them.
  • Simple Assembly: Simple construction with 3 posts and a base requires minor assembling. The step by step instruction make it more easy. You can set it up in minutes or seconds.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Wilbur Ramirez

    My wife purchased this scratching post after the cats unravelled the sea grass twine from their old one. She was concerned that they might not like it since it's a sisal and chenille combo post but as soon as it was assembled, our cat Sunny found it and started ecstatically rolling around on the base and wrapping her paws around the "cacti." She seems to like being able to peer through and around the multiple posts and she scratches the sisal very enthusiastically. For a perspective on it's size, the post shown is medium. The black and white cat is about 10 lbs. The calico is about 5 lbs. It's pretty well proportioned for them both.

    Florrie Tang

    At first the cat was perplexed and did not enjoy the cacti, but then she realized she could scratch it and that was all it took. . . She loves it! It is esthetically pleasing as well.

    Nia Ratcliffe

    Anesthetically pleasing and my kitten actually uses it! Our rescue needed something other than the couch to sink his claws into and this has helped a bit, and looks nice with our decor. Only complaint I have is the twine not fully wrapping the posts, leaving some cardboard and staples exposed. No big deal though, really. Seems like it will hold up well for several months at least.

    Yvette Fisher

    This took 5 seconds to put together, feels sturdy enough for what it is, and looks pretty dang cute! I covered it in a little catnip to introduce him to it and it's instantly Meredith's favorite spot in the livingroom! Here's to hoping my couch and ottoman taking no more (or far less) abuse at the claws of my cat. Hahaha