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Japanese Cat Grass Teething Stick

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Our Cat Grass Teething Stick is a feline favorite, offering delicious flavor, vital nutrients, hairball control, and dental hygiene—all wrapped up in one incredible stick that your kitty will adore! 🐾


Packed with protein and wholesome cat grass, our Cat Grass Teething Stick is a pure, filler-free treat that’s rich in chicken and greens. It’s the perfect combo of a treat and teether, simplifying your life and delighting your cat in one go! 🐱🌱
Crafted for health and happiness, our treats ensure your cat’s tummy stays happy, reducing vet visits and upping playtime! Plus, they’re irresistibly tasty—watch your kitty purr for more, promising endless entertainment and joy. Why not indulge in a pack? 🐾🎉




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4 total reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

She loves cat grass, but also tries to eat my other plants, which could be dangerous. This cat grass stick distracts her from doing that, amazing!


Good effect, so that's good, but more exact bulk options would have been nicer


This stick solution really solve my issue as i cannot grow cat grass due to space constrain...

Jimmy Linu

My cat's immediately gets addicted to it and i notice that hairballs come and go a lot easier! Though, I do wish that there were more than 6 sticks per pack since she loves them so much :/

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