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Cat Harness Leash Set

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Are You Ready For A Cat Walk With Your Fur Babies In The Park ?

  • A high-quality harness with adjustable straps, buckles, and velcro fasteners to ensure a snug and secure fit. There’s quite a bit of wiggle room to account for your cat’s growth, or potential weight loss or gain.
  • A reflective strip on the harness, to help make your kitty more visible to others while outside.
  • Two rings on the back of the harness to clip a leash onto, or attach to the inside of a cat backpack! ALL of our cat backpack styles include clips for harnesses, to prevent your cat from suddenly getting out.
  • A matching 4 foot/120 cm leash, so you can start adventuring from day one (and look good doing it)!

Reminder: Never attach a leash to a cat’s collar! Cats have different anatomies from dogs, and it isn’t safe. The leash must be attached to a cat harness.

Measurement is done around your cat's chest. You want your cat's harness to be snug and fitted so they can't get out of it. When you take the measurement, make sure you're getting close and tight up against your cat -- down past all the floof!
If you're between sizes, go for the bigger size if your cat is still growing, or the smaller size if they are not.


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    Customer Reviews

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    Took a little time to get used to his harness. He’s 2 years old and on the small side so we got a small. We are practicing on getting used to the harness inside before we take on the great outdoors. At first he tried to squirm his way out of the harness, but with no avail, he dealt with his new attire. So far so good. We haven’t tried being outside yet but with the Velcro and the snap with adjustable strapping, I think it’s going to be a success. Great value for the price.

    Reese Graham

    Having purchased other harnesses in the past, this one has been the easiest to put on and take off. I love having the added security of both a Velcro closure as well as a locking snap. And unlike other harnesses, my cats seem very comfortable wearing this particular one. I ordered a small, and by simply adjusting the straps, it actually fits all 4 of my cats. I would definitely recommend the harness for short walks and little adventures!