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Ramen Noodle Dog Toy

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I have never seen my retriever so engaged in any toys that i bought him.

  • Dog Ramen Toy: This is a Cup Ramen Toy that your puppy could also enjoy with treats. Made of soft and high-quality material, your furry friend will be entertained during the playtime.
  • 2-in-1 Dog Toy: The noodles and the ramen cup bag are SEPARABLE, this dog enrichment toy makes the snuffle game more interesting and the noodles are made of 100% cotton rope which is suitable to clean their teeth while playing.
  • Different Sniffling Level: This dog puzzle toys have lots of ways of sniffing training such like hide treats in the ramen cup or roll up with noodles. For higher level of this dog games sniffing training, you could hide snacks intake topping pockets. Even the lid could be closed with the velcro. You can adjust the snuffle level by hiding treats in different area.
  • Suitable for Small, Medium and Large Dogs: This interactive dog toy size is 4.3x4x3.1 inch, it is a perfect gift for small, medium and large dogs of any breed. Help them relieve stress and develop the snuffing sense.


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chris Liu

I got this for my friend’s puppy. He loves string and of course loved this toy. He also has the habit of chewing through the appendages of his stuffed toys. He really loved chewing on the magnet closure for the ramen cup and it only took him a few minutes to rip it open to get the magnet. I managed to get it out of his mouth before he swallowed it, but overall I think the magnet is a safety hazard for dogs that like to rip apart their toys. I’ll be taking out the other magnet before letting him play with it again.

Finlay Hutchings

This is a great toy for a bedtime routine. My puppy loves to play as I'm trying to settle down for the night. The Ramen cup is just what I needed. I just fill it up with treats (you can add treats between the noodles). It keeps him busy plus engages his brain, after he finds all the treats he curls up and falls asleep

T-Jay Love

My puppies love this item - it’s almost like three toys in one. The ramen cup crinkles and they can play around with that, the noodles are like a tug of war toy, and all the strings give them lots to roll around with. Then when food is put in the pockets, it becomes a coveted seeker toy. They will dig through each pocket looking for treats.

My recommendation is not to put classic treats, because my pups are not at the place yet where they delicately pull treats out of the little noodle pockets. They gnaw on the pocket whole and squash whatever is inside. I have been putting bits of kibble because it is easier to clean out. Also as a result it needs to be cleaned a bit more than normal because they will sit and chew on it for a long time.