✨ Magic at Your Fingertips: Touch once, feel forever.

💞 Feel the Touch

Wherever you are, love is just a tap away.

🌍 Close the Distance

With a touch, bridge worlds apart.

👫 Bond Unbroken

Stay connected, no matter the miles.

💌 Whisper of Affection: Silent messages, loud love.

💡 Light Up Love: A glow to say, “I’m thinking of you.”


The Couples Bracelet is another masterpiece in the leading smart jewelry industry with an advanced self-developed nb16 smart chip.

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How Do I Set Up The Bracelets To Pair ?

The product includes an instruction manual featuring a convenient QR code for quickly downloading the app. With these resources, you can easily set up your bracelets. You have the option to either use the user-friendly manual or download the app and follow step-by-step instructions.

Can We Connect If We Are Far Apart ??

Yes. If your device is connected to WiFi or cellular data, you can connect with each other – no matter how far away you are.

Are The Bracelets Waterproof ?

The IPX5-certified devices are the perfect option that can easily handle light to moderate rain. Since it is not at all fully waterproof, these IPX5-rated devices are not to be used in heavy rain/water submersion.

Must The Bracelet be Together When pairing ?

No. But one piece of the jewelry must be present together with your phone when pairing.

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Sun & Moon Couple Bracelet

"The wife absolutely loves this,she's never seen anything like it.", Kyle

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🤝💡 A Touch of Connection: When a touch is sensed on one bracelet, it triggers a gentle vibration or glow on its partner piece. It’s a silent language of love and thoughtfulness, bridging the distance with a tactile whisper.
These bracelets offer couples a tender and personal way to stay connected, bringing a sense of closeness no matter the miles apart. 💞
Stay connected with your loved one No matter how far away from each other, you can keep in touch with her/him by totwoo couple bracelet. Simply tap your bracelet, the other one 's bracelet will vibrate and flash, knowing that you're thinking of him/her. Sensing the other one' s touch through vibration. The best gift for couples, family and friends.
  • More functions built for love Through totwoo APP, you can send love messages to create surprises for your beloved; You can also enjoy private love space with your significant one in the app and share your intimate moments; Anniversary Reminder: the app will automatically remind you of important dates for you; Call Reminder: Add 3 important contacts in the app and the bracelet will remind you by vibrate and flash when you get a call.
  • Design Bracelets with classic moon and sun elements, bohemian design style, romantic and fashionable. The back of the bracelets is engraved with Jane Austen's quote, "My heart is and will always be yours." The moon bracelets with zirconia stones. Bracelets come with a stylish milan that can be adjusted for your own size. Available in more colors and styles to match your different styles and outfits.
  • Instructions The bracelets are made of technology chips and can be waterproof for life. 1 hour of charging, 7 days of ultra-long standby to connect love. The intensity of the vibration and the color of the flash can be adjusted according to your preference.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    The wife absolutely loves this,she's never seen anything like it


    The thing works and is a genuine quality of life and relationship improvement for us. The setup was easy, it works reliably

    C. R

    The bracelets have many functions. Send love letters, call alerts, chat, set up anniversaries and more. my favorite thing is the customizable color the buzz sets on bracelet and the adjustable intensity of the buzz.

    Lauren Christensen

    So I waited about a week before writing a review, and honestly, I love these! I got these for my boyfriend and I, and they work wonderfully as long as we both have the app working in the background. Connecting and usage is super simple, and having this go off when he's thinking about me is so soothing! If we're right next to each other, they don't work as well, but once we're apart, the bracelets work great! I highly recommend these.

    david brimme

    We loved the bracelets, all well placed and perfect. A great gift

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