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Doggy Hair Trimmer Clipper Pro

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Did You Know Overgrown Dog Hair Can Cause Nasty Fleas, Ticks & Even Awful Infections?😟🐶

Luckily.. Now You Can Trim Your Dogs Hair Safely, Quietly & Easily at Home!😍

The Solution to Trimming Dog Hair Safely at Home Helping to Avoid Fleas, Ticks & Infections!

🐾 Reduce Risk of Fleas, Ticks & Infections

Overgrown Dog Hair is the ideal place for mud and muck to build up which is the environment nasty fleas and ticks love to grow and lay eggs.

This mud and muck build up can also cause serious irritation & rubbing which can develop into awful infections requiring expensive vet treatment!

🐾 Improve Appearance, Hygiene & Smell

Keeping your dogs hair trimmed is not just required for the health and happiness of your dog but also helps to improve the overall appearance, hygiene & smell.

🐾 Quiet, Safe & Beginner Friendly

The upgraded Dogily Hair Trimmer PRO has Quiet technology so it's quieter and easier to use on your pooch!

Have a scared, nervous or difficult dog? Don't worry! Included with your order is a FREE Beginners Guide that gives you step-by-step instructions as well as tips and tricks to use your Dogily Hair Trimmer PRO easily and safely whilst at home :)

🐾 Easy Home Use & Adjustable Blades

It's been designed to be used by all ages (no experience needed) on all dog types and the adjustable blades give you the ability to cut from 0.8mm to 12mm depending on if you require a close shave or slight trim.

🐾 Reduce Stress of Vets & Groomer Visits!

We hate to see our lovable dogs suffer but the truth is, most dogs get extremely stressed, anxious and worried when visiting the vets or dog groomers 😢

Luckily! The Dogily Hair Trimmer PRO makes it easy to avoid these unnecessary trips by allowing you to trim their hair easily and safely from home whilst saving you money!

🐾 Suitable for Dogs Faces, Paws, Belly & More!

The trimmer is suitable for everything you need and allows you to trim your dogs face, paws, belly and more! Everything you need in one trimmer. That's why we're voted number #1

🐾 What's Included in my Order?

✅ 1x Doggy Hair Trimmer Clipper Pro
✅ 1x USB Charging Cable
✅ 4x Trimmer Guards (3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm)
✅ 1x Cleaning Brush & Manual



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    Customer Reviews

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    Kasper Wormald

    I've always gone to Petco to get my chocolate poodle looking neat and nice. However the prices went up which made me look for an alternative. I figured, my dog - my styling! I found this product after looking at the wahl clippers but don't be fooled by the name brand. This is a high quality product and works well!

    My poodle, Korben looks awesome after my first time using clippers ever. I would recommend using the 6mm of you want a low cut that still allows some curls to remain. 3mm only if your in the dead of summer.

    Very low noise and the wireless capability makes clipping very easy. Charges quickly - a very fine purchase and well worth the cost.

    Sophia Rose

    I have a long-haired cat and his hair is fine. He is a rescue and came with some mats- big, bad boy ones. A professional cat groomer isn't an option with those businesses still being closed due to Covid. So, I researched and realized I needed to get some quieter clippers to take care of his mats. He's a nervy guy at the best of times so quiet was essential.

    The kit had the clippers with various sizes, pair of scissors, file, steel comb, nail clippers, nail file, cleaning brush for the clippers and the charging cord because it's cordless.Well, it all was in great shape and the clippers work like a charm as far as charging and being quieter.

    Michelle M

    Excellent Clipper System. I have 2 cats, one long hair & one short. I shaved the long haired cat like a lion and I use these clippers to clean up the back end of the short haired cat. I am not a groomer but was able to use these with ease. I never feared I was going to cause injury to either cat at any time. Would recommend.

    Robin W.

    I couldn’t wait to give my fur baby his summer haircut. The clippers worked perfectly! They were pretty quiet as far as clippers go, but it didn’t sometimes make a weird rattling noise at times but worked fine. I love that it is cordless so that no one gets tangled in the cord. But my dog was calm throughout the whole process and I was able to give him a nice low hair cut just in time for a crazy hot 90+ degree weekend! Everything was easy to use. The shears included were nice and sturdy but not as sharp as I expected, so I ended up using the ones I already had which also have a safety tip on them. The nail clippers were a no, my dog had a fit. I already have a pair of nail clippers for him which he does fine with so I prob won’t be able to use those either. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the product and can’t wait until his next grooming session. Excellent product, definitely worth the buy for an unprofessional at home grooming!

    Karen S

    First quality product. Nice and quiet. I'm very happy with my purchase. Getting the hang of home grooming but this makes it easier.