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Dog Poop Grabber ( With Bag)

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  • Handy and clean – with the practical waste gripper from mycatpuppyshop collecting the leaves of dog, cat and other pets becomes an easy, quick and non-contact affair.
  • Perfect for on the go – ideal as a dog gadget for daily walking with your four-legged friend. The dog waste bin can be easily attached to the lead and is therefore always at hand when you need it.
  • Easy to extendable – the dog waste picker includes an innovative, fold-out compartment that extends the size with one hand. This makes the dog waste remover suitable for large dogs and animals.
  • 2 sizes available – the handy Poop Scoop is available in two different sizes. Size S is recommended for dogs up to 10 kg, size L for all larger dogs.
  • Poop bag included – as a practical accessory, each gripper has 6 rolls with 15 dog waste bags each. Simply pull over the pliers, grip, peel off the bag, done.



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    Ben V.

    I am not a lover of picking up a steaming poo in this cold weather by hand, ok it may warm your hands but not the nicest way to warm them.
    So I thought I would try 1 of these, got the large one as did not want the risk of chopping the mess up while trying to collect it up and works a treat, don't have to double up bags anymore to try avoid the risk of finger going through one bag and having a even warmer finger.
    So if you do not like to pick up by hand in a bag then don't hesitate get one, I leave the poop in the device till I get to a bin then just take bag out and Job done.
    Ok is a bit big connected to the lead but you get used to it.

    So would I recommend defiantly in the long run I will save money and the environment as now using 1 bag only not 2 and he does go a few times a day.


    I cant understand why more people dont use these, makes a horrible job an ease. Theres no excuse to let your dog foul in public spaces and not clear it up if you get one of these and take with you on walks its easy and more bearable.

    Terry Zhang

    As neither my hubby nor I are too keen on having to “feel” dog poo through a thin flimsy poop bag (can you imagine if one slips 😱) we looked for alternatives when we decided to get a dog. This little thing is the best product we bought out off all the dog gear! We have a large German shepherd and it can handle his business no problem! Seriously, make your dog owner life easier and buy one!