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Dog Snuffle Ball Toy

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Give your dog an interactive game with the Dog Snuffle Ball Toy. Perfect for mental stimulation and natural problem solving, the toy challenges your pup to use their nose to find food hidden in the snuffle ball. Durable and safe, it's made for long-term use. Experience the joy of bonding with your furry friend as they play!

  • Trick or treat: This unique design snuffle ball allows your dogs to find snacks or small toys hidden in the surface of ball. Challenge through dog snuffle ball, avoid your dog's bored and engage in destructive behavior. Great for stress release.
  • Engage your dog’s sense of smell - This snuffle ball satisfies pet’s curiosity and stimulate their sense of smell. It’s also a great puzzle toy to attract pet to play with it. Keep them mentally and physically stimulated.
  • Soft & durable polar fleece - All material are high quality, non-toxic , durable and odorless to make sure will not make your dog uncomfortable. It will not be tear easily then cause the risk of suffocation.
  • Machine Washable - Just simply put this sniffing mat into washer. It is machine washable and dryer safe. Soft material also fits for hand wash.


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Incredible play toy. Requires a moment to get the little guy to realize what you fo yet when they do, such a lot of tomfoolery

Meghan Phillips

This thing is fabulous. My dog has the best time rolling it around and snuffling to find her treats. Unlike a treat ball this is IMO just hard enough to keep her interest. We’ve had it for two weeks and she hasn’t ripped it apart. It’s easy to fill and unlike the mats I got that had pockets, she hasn’t ripped it to shreds… or at all! She will also play fetch with it. I wish I’d had this ten years ago when she was a super high energy pup!

Kaylee Cooper

Our canine loves this! We utilize a great deal of puzzle and improvement toys to assist with engaging our high energy little guy. This kept him involved for 20-30 minutes, longer than any of his other toys. It takes for some time to arrangement since there are a great deal of felt parts of roll, yet it merits the work! We roll his kibble up and give it to him for a tomfoolery, energy consuming dinner time. I love the way simple it is to clean, it's held up perfect in the washing machine. Our canine bites on the finishes some of the time, so certainly a regulated toy, however he cherishes it!


stress over him biting on it and the terrycloth rolls keep him occupied for quite a while! It seems as though it will consume a huge chunk of time to "load up" with treats, yet what's incredible is that it really makes the canine work somewhat more on the off chance that they aren't undeniably topped off. This will be a staple in my work from home pup interruption stockpile!


Extraordinary (mind game) toy for my canine and pet pig. The canine loves playing with it and throwing it around. It's likewise extraordinary activity for my pet pig when I conceal a couple of Cheerios inside the rolls. The texture is delicate and ideally will hold up to my 45 lb canine. After she unwound every one of the rolls I simply stuff then, at that point, back within the elastic ball for certain treats.