🐱 A dudu meow cat pillow is like a warm hug from a loved one, bringing comfort and joy to its owner.🐱

👿🐱 New Demon Doodle Meow Cats Are Here To Conquer The Plush World.. 🐱👿

🦇👿🐱 The Cutest & Most Sinister Of The Doodle Meow Family, A MUTATED LUCIFER BAT DOODLE MEOW PLUSH.. DON BE FOOLED BY ITS CUTE LOOK !!!! 🐱👿🦇

🦇👿🐱 Meet Doodle Meow's Distant 7" FOOT TALL COUSIN Long Pillows !!! 🐱👿🦇

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For Cute Devilish Plush Collectors, This Is A Must !!!

The dudu meow cat pillow is like a cozy little cloud on which to rest your head.

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"Help me.. I am so addicted now to collecting this meow series and tehy are coming up with so many cute models every few months !", Joanne

Doodle Meow Cat Plush Doll

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Looking for a soft warm cushion pillow? Well then, this kawaii long cat cushion pillow is all you need. The Doodle Meow Cat Plush design of the cushion makes it so unique & eye-catching, and you can also gift it to your cat-lover friends.


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    Customer Reviews

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    RELX 4908

    One more to my collections


    Absolutely adorable


    Very soft quality toy.. I orderd the 60 cm one... size is good..


    It’s so soft, so squishy, and so round. Just put it in the dryer to fluff it up and it’s the cutest and roundest thing ever

    Tammy G

    I love sleeping with a plush stuffed animal, something about it puts me to sleep easyer. I suffer from all day ANXIETY Ok so I'm not a child So cute and soft.