E-Ink Case : Use Your Phone Case As A Photo Display Screen

“Show Off Your Love: Turn Your Phone Case into a Seductive Photo Display for Your Pet and Loved Ones!” 😘📸🐾


Upload any picture from your camera roll or even screenshot pictures from online. Upload absolutely anything you want!


The E-Ink Case doesn't require any power and does not use any of your phone's battery life. Simply upload your image and watch the magic E-Ink technology start!


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"Its a great case I like its feature and the best thing is it doesn’t require changing in order to work. " Aryan

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  • 【New technology application】NFC technology is used to transmit display content to the ink screen of the mobile phone case with low power consumption. After the transmission is completed, no energy is consumed. Even if the mobile phone is turned off or the mobile phone case is removed, the image can be displayed permanently.
  • 【APP is easy to use】Search the APP "Ink Show", download it to your mobile phone, open the APP, and you can freely edit and transfer pictures and text. The APP is very simple to use.The device requires IOS15 or above version.
  • 【Good Points】The reason why choose the ink screen as the display is because its display does not require continuous power supply, does not generate heat, radiation-free,and can be displayed for a long time ,wireless transmission is faster using NFC for ink screen.
  • 【Classic appearance】Please choose the correct model to fit your phone. The phone case is easy to disassemble and assemble, with sophisticated materials and accurate dimensions.


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Customer Reviews

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Jacqueline Philander

When I saw this case, I was intrigued! I still don’t understand how it works, but it’s a fun conversation piece. The case itself is easy to hold. The back is smooth, but the sides have a nice soft rubber grip. It is raised just a smidge around the screen, so it actually makes using my phone easier than my other case that has a higher edge. The buttons still function properly, and the camera is protected by a raised edge as well. To use, you will download the Ink Show app that is very easy to use. You can give it access to limited pictures or give it full access to all of your pictures. Simply choose a picture, crop it if needed, and select it. You’ll then choose whether to display it in “dither”, “black & red” or “black & white”. Once you select how you want your picture displayed, you will select “Miracast”. The screen on the phone case will flicker and reset until it shows the picture that you selected. Photographs are pixilated, and the colors aren’t true to the photo, but that’s to be expected. Simple black and white images look great, though! This is fun to play around with, and I still don’t know how it works, but it doesn’t require any power and it’s easy to use. I recommend it!


Its a great case I like its feature and the best thing is it doesn’t require changing in order to work.


Already have a kickstand case for my iPhone 15 Pro Max, but when I saw this one, I was very curious about it. How often do I see anime cases that are basic TPU ? The thought of having any picture on an ink screen was curious to me, so I gave this a go. Simple to unpack, download the app that there's a QR code inside the box to grab the listing from the App Store, and then give access to your camera roll. You cna choose only specific pictures, or allow full access. Once you're in the app, grab a picture, tap each corner of the box to adjust the crop and scale,


It works great with the app, fast and easy to use. Some pictures come out better than others as it does say it picks up reds, blacks, and whites. This type of technology is so cool. The case itself is of very good quality and it is in a dark grey color.