Is There A Better Way To Feed Your Dog Water Than This Non Spill Pet Water Bowl ??

Why ELS Non Spill Pet Water Bowl ?

Easy To Install & Disassemble For Cleaning

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ELS Dog Water Bowl Dispenser

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The Only Dog Water Feeder That Slow Feed Your Dog

  • LOW WATER FEEDER: Only the right amount of water will come out, each time dog is licking the floating disk. ELSPET dog water bowl slow down the pet’s drinking speed with floating disk deign.
  • PREVENT WET MOUTH: The floating disk of no drip dog water bowl can control water easily and then prevent large areas of water from wetting pet’s mouth hairs. Keep your pet's hair dry and tinted.
  • KEEP WATER CLEAN: The floating disk could effectively prevent the dust, dirt, and pet hair from falling into the water to affect water quality.
  • SPLASH-PROOF WATER BOWL : The splash free rim and floating disk double anti-spill design can effectively prevent water from overflowing, keeping your floor dry and tidy at all times.
  • ANTI-SLIP DESIGN: There are 4 anti-slip rubber on the bottom to keep the bowl steady and prevents it from sliding around while the dog is drinking.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    I got this to keep my new Pyr puppy from “swimming” in her water bowl and dumping it over. It’s helped in the fact that she hasn’t been able to dump this over in the two weeks since we’ve gotten it, but she loves to play with the floating disc and smack it down with her paws creating a big mess. Still trying to figure out if I’m going to keep it (the bowl, not the puppy). :)

    John Porter

    Our bigboy was a disaster everything he had a drink.. You would swear someone poured his bowl all over the place


    I have tried everything I could think of to keep my dog from drinking too much, too fast and then puking it back up. Ice, slow feeder bowl filled with water, and just giving a small amount here and there. I was always worried that she wasn't getting enough water. This bowl actually works. The water is always available, but she can't gulp it down. And the extra added bonus is less water on the floor! Definitely happy I found this!


    My rottie I love him to death but when is comes to drinking water, let's just say you could mop the floors with all the water he would put on the floor. This bowl has saved not only my floors but my towels as well!!! No spills maybe a drip or two here and there but so much better than it was!!! The best thing I have bought for them yet!!!