🛟🛟A cat couch protector is like a lifeboat in a sea of claws.🛟

😎😎A life raft for your couch, a lifeboat in a sea of claws.😎😎

Easy To Install & Leave No Residue

Most Customers Choose This Pattern Sofa Cover To Go Along With The Feline Fortress

Level Up Your Sofa Game, Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Home 🏠

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Feline Fortress

“Works very well for us. Cat doesn't like it. You still need to provide an alternative scratching surface for kitty, but this is a very effective tool to save your furniture. the sheets are pretty large, you may need multiple sheets for the coverage ,” Kusala

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  • 😺Protect Your Furniture: One Sight double side anti cat scratch tapes help train your cats away from your couch, chair, curtains, sofa, rugs, carpet, doors and walls. Ultra-thin, transparent, super adhesion and no residue! ***NOTE: We do not recommend using it on artificial/leather sofas as any adhesive can damage the leather surface.
  • 😺EXTRA-LARGE Clear Cat Scratch Prevention Tape: Each package comes with 4 pieces EXTRA-LARGE 30x 45 cm sheets of double sided sticky tape, easily cover more area or cuttable to fit small areas. Say goodbye to messy tapes!
  • 😺Durable & Flexible: This cat couch protector is suitable for works on any upholstered furniture. Non-Toxic vinyl is thick enough to deter scratching and flexible enough to bend around the contours of your furniture. Provide more comprehensive protection for your furniture!
  • 😺Easy to Use: Upgraded small arrow separate layer design, super easy to separate the clear adhesive tape from the paper backing without additional tools.
  • 😺Non-Toxic & 100% Safe: This cat traning tape is made of medical-grade adhesive, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic material, which is suitable for all cats. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews

      Perfect, go unnoticed, it doesn't show!

      David S.

      Not going to lie, I am pleasantly surprised by how well these have worked so far. It's saved a brand new home officer from being destroyed so far...so I'm happy with it 😊
      I liked how much tape you recieve as opposed to price, but I wasn't using it on large items so it may just seem that way to me in comparison. I have not tried removing it yet, but I can say it has not had to be replaced with new tape yet; so the adhesive quality seems to be good too.


      I must say, this tape works. My cat scratches the door to get into the bedroom, and no sooner gets in there and he scratches to get out. So I applied the tape to the inside of the door and no more scratching. I put a security camera in there to watch him and it was pretty funny seeing him try to figure it out. After a while, he found a way to scratch by stretching higher, so I applied the tape higher. My only complaint is the tape is narrow and it takes a LOT of strips to cover half a door. Also, this stuff doesn't go on smoothly. Luckily no one can see the inside of the door so I don't mind, but it looks ridiculous with all the ripples. If I had it to do over, I would buy tape that comes in large sheets for easier application.

      Katherine barlow

      Have been buying this for a while, we have lots of cats and in our old house they targeted the crushed velvet bed and the stair carpet. This tape definitely deterred the kitties and us easy to apply & remove. Since moving they seem to be leaving the stairs alone but the were doing a number on our new velvet sofas. The tape came into it’s own once again!! Not had any problems with residue as some reviewers mentioned either.


      Every now and then while working from home or bright and early at 4 AM IN THE MORNING, I would hear some naughty paws scratching at the stairs. No matter how many cat trees, toys, cardboard/scratching posts the cats have, this would not quell this little gremlin. We rent our house and want to leave this place in good condition for when we leave. After seeing a similar product made for couches, I thought this would be a great solution. It's easy to use and just the right stickiness where it's safe for cats. This criminal tried scratching one time and was quickly disappointed when she couldn't get her little naughty paws into the carpet. It's stopped her from scratching the steps until we've had to remove a strip due to getting accidentally stuck on our socks, or just needs general replacing. One roll covered 4 flights of stairs (about 32 steps) in our 3 story house. 100% recommended!