🤓🤓 A 3D hologram projector is like a window to another world.. 🤓🤓

🤓🤓 Like a window to another dimension, the projector displayed floating 3D holograms in midair that seemed to exist both in front of and behind the glass. 🤓🤓

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HoloSculpt 3D Holograph LED Projector

"So cool... simply like the product..",Juan

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🎅🎅The 3D hologram projector was like a portal to another dimension, opening up a world of possibilities that were previously unimaginable.💎🎅

  • 【High Resolution】: 3D hologram fan offers 800x480P resolution for clear video and image environments even in high ambient illumination, supporting common video, animation, and image displays.
  • 【224 LED Light Beads】: The 3D holographic advertising machine is made from 224 professional HD LED beads that emit amazing light and incredible images.
  • 【3D Effects】: 3D advertising player displays images without borders and backgrounds, giving you the visual effect that it is floating completely in the air, creating the best possible appeal for your product or event.
  • 【Software Operation】: 3D hologram fan customises video and image editing, the memory card comes with gobo editing software for Windows 7 and for Windows 10 computer operating systems.
  • 【Wide Compatibility】: 3D hologram fan supports WiFi control, remote control, PC control, mobile app control and many other control methods. Compatible for Windows, for Android, for IOS, etc.


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    Cool.. better than display light... I like the product.


    Easy to use, install app on phone, power on and connect to it via wifi. Import custom videos in easily. Only issue I had was trying to figure out at first to get rid of demo videos.

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