"The Perfect Playtime Companion: Experience Endless Stimulation with the Crawling Crab™ Dog Cat Toy!"

Your Fur Babies and Toddler Will Have So Much Fun With This Crawling Crab Dog Toy !!!

"Engage Your Pup's Natural Instincts & Your Kids Curiosity with the Interactive Crawling Crab™ Dog Cat Toy!"

The Crawling Crab Dog Toy is a fun and interactive toy that will keep your dog entertained and stimulated. It is a crab-shaped toy that moves, dances and lights up, attracting your dog’s attention and curiosity. It has a silent contact motion sensor that makes it avoid obstacles and change direction, creating a continuous play time for your dog. It also has music sounds and lights that enhance your dog’s sensory experience and enjoyment. The toy is USB rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about batteries running out. The Crawling Crab Dog Toy is a great way to keep your dog active, happy and mentally challenged. 🦀

Contact Motion Sensors

The Crawling Crab Dog toy has a silent motion sensors that automatically and intelligently stops once it detecs an obstacle and resumes direction in the opposite direction for continuous play...

Even Kids Cant Stand The Lure Of Crawling Crab Toy

The Viral Dog Toy That Is Better Than The Flopping Fish Dog Toy !!!

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Interactive Crawling Crab Dog Toy

"Lots of laughs with this toy :) Saw it on a Facebook and couldn't resist getting one", Trishna

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Introducing the Crawling Crab™ - Interactive Dog Toy! Get ready to witness endless excitement and natural stimulation for your furry friend. This innovative toy is designed to keep your dog mentally and physically engaged for hours on end. With its contact motion sensor, the Crawling Crab™ automatically stops crawling when it detects an obstacle and then resumes in the opposite direction, ensuring continuous playtime. Crafted from durable TPR-grade and ABS materials, this toy can withstand even the strongest chewers, providing a safe and long-lasting play experience for your fur baby. Plus, it comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to two days, eliminating the need for constant battery replacements. The Crawling Crab™ even plays music while turned on, adding an extra element of fun to playtime.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Lots of laughs with this toy :) Saw it on a Facebook and couldn't resist getting one


"The Crawling Crab dog toy is a hit in our household! Our dog absolutely loves it. The toy's interactive nature and music feature make playtime more enjoyable for both our pup and us. The quality is excellent, and it's definitely worth the price. Two thumbs up!"


"I recently purchased the Crawling Crab dog toy for my furry friend, and I must say it's fantastic! The toy is well-made, durable, and keeps my dog entertained for hours. The crawling motion and obstacle detection feature make it even more engaging. Highly recommended!"