🌌🔫 A light sabre chopstick is like a lightsaber but for eating. 🥢

May the Forks be with You !

Introducing the ultimate fusion of elegance and intergalactic flair: the Jedi Lightsaber Chopstick. Crafted by ancient culinary Jedi masters, these chopsticks are more than mere utensils—they’re a force to be reckoned with at the dinner table.


  1. Dual-Blade Design: Each chopstick boasts a miniature lightsaber hilt, complete with a retractable blade. Choose between the classic blue (for calm dining) or the fiery red (for when your noodles misbehave).
  2. Practical Precision: Whether you’re devouring ramen, sushi, or bantha skewers, these chopsticks provide unparalleled precision. Channel your inner Jedi as you pick up that last grain of rice.
  3. Fun and Functional: Impress your friends at galactic feasts, or challenge them to a friendly duel over the last dumpling. The Force is strong with those who can eat without dropping a single edamame bean.
  4. Collector’s Edition: Each pair comes in a sleek case adorned with ancient Sith runes. It’s the perfect gift for Star Wars enthusiasts, foodies, and anyone who believes that “chopsticks choose the diner.”

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"Strong lightweight and fun." Cherlyn

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🔥 Most Customer Buy At Least 2 Pair For Savings

         Impress Your Guest With This Jedi Chop Stick !!!!

  • ⭐ THESE ARE THE CHOPSTICKS YOU'RE LOOKING FOR: It's time to impress all your guests with your epic light saber chopsticks, which will take your sushi nights to another star galaxy, far, far away!
  • ⭐ COME TO THE YUMMY SIDE & DAZZLE EVERYONE: Our 2 pairs of BPA-free plastic LED lightsaber chop sticks will make a great birthday and Christmas gifts for all those diehard movie fans!
  • ⭐ MAY THE DELICIOUS FOOD BE WITH YOU: Wage colorful wars your sushi, noodles, Japanese, Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese food with your light-up chopsticks, which feature bright red and blue LED's.
  • ⭐ THE FATE OF THE GALAXY LIES IN YOUR HANDS: Use the handy button to turn the force on or off! Plus, you'll get 3 x LR41 camera batteries, so you can start using your lighted chopsticks right away!


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    Customer Reviews

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    Very bright and very fun to use


    This is a good gift for Star Wars fans!! Even if they don't eat with chopsticks they are cool to play with. The functionality of the chopsticks is a bit difficult because the material is smooth plastic - it can be slippery to pick up food. With that considered, it is still a fun product!


    I bought two sets of these! One for my office team to have a fun sushi lunch and one set for my boyfriends' friends for their guys night! Really fun and neat chopsticks! Easy to clean and great customer service from the seller! Would purchase again!


    Strong and light weight..

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