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Kawaii Fish Cat Bed

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Careful.. This Bed Is So Cushy, Your Cat May Stay hours and hours in Bed !


    • 1 x Kawaii Fish Cat Bed


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      Customer Reviews

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      Juliet S.

      We recently caught a stray pregnant female cat. This bed came in just in time for her to have her kittens inside. We placed this in her kennel for her security since we have other cats. She immediately loved it. It gives her a great sense of security and comfort and she hasn’t left the bed too much since she’s given birth. This is a great cat bed.

      Aiden L.

      My kitten is around 7 months old and 7lbs and still has plenty of space in this bed, though I doubt that a cat larger than 12-15lbs would fit comfortably inside. She loves that it’s dark and quiet and warm, but I worry that when she is fully grown she won’t fit inside with space to move around. It isn’t poor quality but isn’t super sturdy either. The post also shows the ‘two ways’ you can use it but putting the cushion on top and flattening the fish isn’t comfortable for them and is very lopsided. It can really only be used as a cave/igloo type bed.

      Ashlyn H.

      I'll concede that I bought this because I thought it was cute and I had to give my cats *something* nice this year. One of them actually USING it was not a requirement for success, but here we are, one of my cats naps in it almost every day. I mean, listen, if this thing was human-sized, I'd sleep in it all the time, but cats are mercurial creatures, so being cozy and cute isn't a guarantee that your cats will be into it. Will my cat still like it a month from now? Who knows? It was the most popular spot in the house and there'd be a mutiny if I threw it out. You just don't know when it comes to cats.

      Percy Palmer

      It’s very cute, and good quality. I love it, my cat loves it. Size L, good size for my big cat.

      Danielle Jones

      My big fluffy dummy would rather cuddle in it's warmth than lay with me. Freaking traitor.

      She is literally afraid of everything so I wasn't sure how this would go over. She loves it. I also got my spoiled sassy pants a fluffy blanket to burrow in as well.