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Lumalee Luminosity Yellow Star Bag

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  • Spacious & Durable: Crafted with ample space, it’s ideal for carrying everything from laptops to gaming gear. The robust material ensures your items stay safe and secure.
  • Comfortable Carry: Adjustable straps and a padded back make it a breeze to carry, whether you’re commuting or heading to a gaming convention.
  • Versatile Use: Not just for gaming paraphernalia, it’s also great for daily essentials, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.
This Yellow Star bag isn’t just a carryall; it’s a conversation starter, a statement of style, and a nod to nostalgia. It’s where functionality meets fun, and it’s sure to power-up any outfit! 🎮🌟

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Renee Haney

It is beautiful.😍😍The love, it is really worth it, I arrive very fast💕

Lacey Mcclure

Much better than I expected. It is good size, looks resistant and good material. Ideal to show your collection! Just to take into account that the pocket is not very wide so it stands out if you put stuffed animals, but it is somewhat minimal. I am happy because I already have my itabag of Kishido Temma!

Summer Lozano

I bought this for my daughter and it is cute and well made. It is big enough to carry as a book bag for school books(2 or 3 small books).


This back pack was so cute! It was easy to shape it into a star as it is shipped flat through mail. It does maintain star shape even with items inside. Also the size was of medium space and could hold a lot of stuff. I filled it up with lots of art gifts to give to a friend.

Moreover, the material was smooth and comfortable to wear. Image was clear of kuromi's face on the bag. Basically the black kuromi star backpack is just how it's shown in the images here. Plus I believe it has adjustable straps. Inside has a pocket divider kinda thing (Idk what's it called) but you can organize your books. Like a few books behind the pocket and then most of the stuff in the front.

It is definitely lightweight and had no weird smell if anyone was wondering since it's made out of artificial leather. Even feels smooth to the touch.


It holds a good shape after using / playing with it for a while