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Mechanical bear-Gray

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What Do You Need to Know About the Decomposing Material of Panda Cases?

We must abandon old habits that endanger the future of our one Earth, the literal existence of the generations that follow us.

We need to set new norms, we no longer just have to read about change, we have to walk the path of change, we need to give nature attention, self-discipline, and not just take it away from it, immoderately.

We must also play our part individually in this endeavor and bring others with us!

Sure, you know, but let’s rewrite it: every single plastic product that humanity has made for itself so far is complete, without degradation, on our Earth. Somewhere.

Panda is a 100% biodegradable and biodegradable eco phone case that protects both our environment and your phone. This raw material composition is used, among other things, for food packaging, horticultural and agricultural tasks, and even for coatings on compostable paper cups.

However, home composters do not always have the temperature, bacterial flora, that is enough to completely break down our pods.

Industrial composters have the technical properties needed for complete decomposition, so if you think you should send us your phone case after use, we will collect them, store them, and ship them to an industrial composter.

If you have any questions, contact us, we will help!

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