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Muddy Paw Mat

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The Quick & Easy Way To Clean Muddy Paws

Watch How Muddy Paw Floor Mat Will Leave Your Old Raggedy Mat In The Dirt

Easy To Clean And Wash


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    Customer Reviews

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    Payton Hays

    My mat is on the left side, in front of the door. Newly enclosed screen porch with beach sand at the bottom of the stairs. Between humans and dogs, we were tracking it in and I actually left out a dust buster within easy reach of the door - unsightly, but regular mat wasn’t doing a good job. Took a chance on this (medium size) Muddy Mat and we barely track in any!
    Haven’t needed to launder it yet, I’ve just taken it outside and shook it. Released a good amount of sand in the process, which otherwise would have been in my dining room without this mat.

    Massimo Clegg

    I’ve got these all around my house. I keep them under my cat and dogs food bowl because all three of them are messy eaters. I also keep one under my cats litter box. She kicks a lot of the kitty litter out when she’s doing her business and then tracks it all through the house, I step in it, and find bits of litter in my bed. Yuck. This traps everything. I just shake it out after about a week and that’s it. If it gets too soiled, just stick it in the wash. So easy, and saves me a big headache.

    Jimi Kinney

    Our dogs destroyed the backyard and ripped up all the grass. So we’re just left with a lot of dirt pits that the dogs love getting into. When it would rain, the mud that they would track in would leave me wanting to rip my hair out. I saw an ad for this and decided I would try it. All I can say is WOW! Even if it’s raining, it cleans off their feet. This saves me so much time and effort! Now the only thing I need is dog-proof grass LOL!

    Santino Martin

    This ia a hight and super absorbs indoor mat. It has fasion design and I like its colour. It can absorb anything like magic! You don't need to wipe your feet and just step on it, and it will it will absorb dirt, dust, mud, etc. It is very easy to clean. Besides, its Non-slip function will prevent you to skid while you walk on it. I love it.

    Shelby Orozco

    Very nice doormat. I have not tested it to the extreme, but it seems to be working well. A few loose fibers came out when I washed it, but it was not really much. There are multiple different-colored fibers, which I don't think you can observe in the picture. Also, my cat finds it comfortable. :-)