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Mycatpuppyshop Gen 2 Cat Litter Mat

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Never Ever Have A Messy Cat Litter Situation Again !!


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    Samanta Vance

    Finally! I use silica cat litter and while it's slightly bigger than the holes of this mat, it still stops it from spreading into my house! Some users and even the manufacturer note the mat needs to air out because of its material, I did not notice a smell. It immediately started trapping the litter and it was easily shaken out into a trash can. It works like an envelope and the smaller litter can fall inside to be poured out. Because of the material I have not found it to be an enticing spot for my cats to use instead of the litter box, which they do to carpet or fabric mats. I used wet wipes to clean it. I'm done with other mats, this one has won my heart!

    Muna Levine

    I've been using this for several weeks now in various configurations and its a hands down winner when i put the mat width wise under the first 3 or 4 inches of the litter box. This way when our cat comes out of the litter box no matter which way she goes the litter gets scraped off her feet. We've gone from having to clean the floor near the box every other day to emptying this once a week when we change the litter.

    If I could make a suggestion it would be to make it a couple inches wider just so that when i tuck it under the bin its got a little more room for the cat to walk on. That being said - WE are capturing 95%+ of the litter as she exits the litter-box. Great Product and emptying it can be done by my 7 year old as a part of her chores. SUPER EASY!

    Brad Rodriquez

    I have a large cat and he always likes to pee inside the box near the opening. He always digs and makes a mess outside the box. No matter what type of mat we have on the floor litter still seems to get everywhere and its annoying. I ordered this to give it a try. I was surprised how large the mat actually was. It comes folded in the box so let it sit out with a book on top for a day to make it lay flat. But I was actually surprised how well this mat works. I no longer have litter everywhere on my floor and it is pretty easy to clean the mat. Just pick it up and open the mat opening and dump litter right back in the box or trash. Works great.

    Alicia P

    This litter matt is great, the rubber surface is just soft enough that walking over it barefoot does not hurt, while still being firm enough to keep it's shape well. The top does a great job at getting the litter off the cats paws, better than other mats I've tried that are the wiry surface. The 2 layer design makes cleanup really easy, no more needing to vacuum the mat and beating it to get the litter out. Just simply take it to the trash can and dump out the litter. We use this to help make sure litter doesn't leave the room and get into the carpet. Would highly recommend