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Mycatpuppyshop Large Capacity Cat Litter Box

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High Fence Litter Basin


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    Sahara Dunne

    Good Size for an adult cat. Deep enough so that the Litter stays in the tray. Easy to clean. I use the woodpellet litter - wouldn't use anything else. Great for the price and seems very sturdy so don't expect to have to replace for a long time.

    Thomas H

    My cat is... special. He seems to believe that if his main body is in the litterbox, that his leavings will naturally also be inside the box when he's done. With other litterboxes (smaller and shorter), this has led to some interesting situations where his leavings end up just on the outside of the box.

    I got this one specifically for this dumb baby idiot, and so far he has gotten it in the box every time. I would be very proud of him, but I'm pretty sure it's the litterbox. Would recommend if you have a cat with only one brain cell.

    Fathima Gibbs

    Super sturdy for the money, I’ve paid more for something far less sturdy. Walls aren’t super high but more than high enough for most cats. One of my cats just turned 21 and has a bit of arthritis so she can’t do super high walls but does this with ease. I haven’t cleaned the whole pan yet since I just started using it but doesn’t horrendously stick to the bottom. We use a clay passed clumping litter and it works great with that litter type. She also has kidney problems so her urine can stink really bad but after I clean out those clumps the plastic doesn’t seem to retain the smell. I would 100% buy again.

    Emily Stroud

    I have 3 cats. This is the best litter box I have bought, for scooping. It doesn't get stuck to the sides and if it does (cause by not a lot of litter) it's super easy to scrape off and clean. I have a scoop free litter box too. I will probably buy another one and stop using the scoop free. It's super sturdy as well.