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OANDO Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain

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Quiet, Healthy & Easy To Use Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain


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    Customer Reviews

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    jkl Wongnmjk

    This is much improved version of cat water fountain. It looks less charming in appearance but more practical and hygienic. My cat was reluctant at first and cried to give him back his old fountain but eventually he gets himself drink water a lot from this and easy to manage for me too.

    test end

    We ordered this fountain after exhaustive searching for a cat fountain which wasn't ugly. This wasn't a super cheap fountain but it looks great, my cat loves drinking from it and it is easy to assemble and clean. Be mindful that it stops working temporarily when the water level goes to low, so always keep it topped up. My cat drinks so much and I'm so pleased.


    Tiggy cat likes purrfect present.
    Purchased on suggestion of a friend for my elderly 23yr cat as she had stopped drinking. 😻


    This is certainly the best and most quiet cat fountain I’ve ever bought. Yes, it was expensive, but I think it was worth it - or would have been, if my cat would use it!
    He doesn’t like filtered water, so will persevere once the first filter is worn out. I know it’s just my cat being stubborn, especially since he doesn’t want me to turn it off & watches with interest as I clean it ( which us very easy to do.)
    Being stainless steel, it’s so much better than plastic. All I need is for my cat to use it. Give it time, he might.

    Karen Beatty

    I have 2 indoor cats, and wanted to entice them to drink more water. Fountain arrived 24 hours ago and with in minutes it had attracted their attention. Also particularly important is it is completely stainless steel. Plastic food and water utensils will give your cat an unsightly black/ grey discolouration under their mouth, this is called cat acne. It is extremely difficult to cure once they have it. This is not a particularly well known fact, but trust me, it is very true. I am very happy with this fountain and so are my 4 legged children.