Reduce Stress & Anxiety For Your Furry Friend

🐶 A dog calming pillow is like a weighted blanket for dogs, providing deep pressure that can relieve stress and anxiety. 🐶

🐶Designed to wrap snuggly around dogs neck, like a weighted blanket comforting the dogs and making them secure. 🐶

🐶Proven to ease anxiety and reduce stress of your furry baby by providing a warm hug for the dog 🐶

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"My girl bella lovesss this pillow,she does not sleep without cuddling the pillow.Shes the cutest!", Hannah

Pup Calming Pillow

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🐶 Dog calming pillows are like the weighted blanket of the dog world, providing deep pressure stimulation to help pups relax. 🐶

    • NECK AND UPPER SPINE SUPPORT – Puppy/Cat Pillow designed with high quality teddy velvet, stuffing with pearl cotton. Pet pillows wrap around your fur baby’s chin to lift their head into a comfortable resting position that supports their neck and provides ultimate comfort for cat to rest. Provides a calming effect for our kitten buddies during those uneasy or restless times. Great for the crate or bed when leaving your pets companion alone. Also gives comfort when traveling by car or plane.
    • PERFECT CUDDLER- Plush, soft neck/chin pillow that mimics the comfortable firmness of your bed or couch pillow your fur baby rests their head on when they think you’re not looking. Materials used are non-toxic, which is safe for fur-baby’s skin, shouldn’t have an allergic reaction. Machine washable, when the neck pillow gets dirty with grime and germs, just throw it in the washing machine for easy hygienic cleaning. Great gifts toy pillow for puppies, small dogs and cats/kittens.
    • SOOTHING PET SUPPLIES - Warm pillow for dogs can effectively soothing pet when they are upset and irritable, providing a calming effect. Ultra-soft material makes your little puppy feel surrounded by warmth, allowing them to experience restful sleep for improved behavior and better health. Your kitten/puppy will really love the pillow and appreciate the care! Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, cat/dog bed best companion. Cute toy pillows will be the favorite bedding for nap time and deep sleep.
    • SNUGGLY DESIGN - Measuring 10.63 inches, with an extra-fluffy texture and no harsh stitching, these plush figure toys pillow have an extremely snuggly design, being ideal for bedtime, traveling, comforting toy. An excellent choice for pets’ birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving and other special occasions! Comfortable, breathable and environmentally friendly, ensuring the comfort of pets when sleeping.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Abdullahi Luna

    Storms are No Longer a Problem! This pillow has made a huge difference for our dog, who used to be scared of thunder. He now feels safe and calm, thanks to this wonderful product. We are all more relaxed now.

    Ffion Barrett

    This Pillow is a Blessing for Our Old Dog! Our dog was getting old and nervous, but this pillow has helped him relax and enjoy his golden years. He is also less aggressive now. This product is great for senior dogs.

    Steve Cervantes

    No More Barking Problems! This pillow has been a miracle for our dog, who used to be very noisy and restless. He is now much calmer and quieter, thanks to this amazing product. We are happy, and so are our neighbors!

    Lorcan Branch

    Bought one for my dog and my cat got jealous so i had to get her one also! ??

    Drew Jensen

    Amazing Product for Aggressive Rescue Dogs! Our dog had a rough past and was very aggressive, but this pillow has changed his behavior. He is more friendly and calm now. We are amazed by the results!