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Siamese Cat Stuffed Toy Plushie

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The siamese cat plushie was like a fluffy ball of sunshine, radiating warmth and happiness.

  • Cute Siamese Cat Shape. Size = 20 cm
  • Products made of high quality filled with cotton.Cuddly and adorable, this fun novelty pillow makes the perfect accessory for the avo-obsessed!
  • Soft, smooth and oh-so squeezable, and the size is perfect for cuddling.Use as an accent pillow in your living room, as a decorative plush cushion to tie a room together, or place in a playroom. Wherever he goes, this Plush Pillow is sure bring smiles and make friends!
  • SOFT, PLUSH FLEECE - The huggable fleece exterior is ultra-soft and perfectly squishable, with a sweet expression you'll fall in love with. Adds a pop of playfulness to any room.
  • Make a perfect gift for men, women and children for any occasion, from Christmas and Valentine's Day to someone and everything.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    Good quality, the face could be more of a kitten

    SueTaw SueTaw

    I bought this for my granddaughter. It is so lifelike it’s unbelievable. It’s really soft and nice quality

    Gregory H

    hola: small full-sized siamese cat w/brilliant blue eyes. head is hard form, while body/paws/ears/tail are soft and plush. very alert looking cat and totally realistic looking!!!!!

    Mark paris

    This is a very lifelike Siamese, but it’s a cat you look at, not one you cuddle. The body is fairly hard, and the tail is short for a Siamese. But you will think it’s a real cat when you first see it; my wife did, and she’s a lifelong Siamese lover.


    My daughter loves this kitty and is very happy with it. As the adult, I think it looks like a really grumpy cat,

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