Does Your Dog Like To Cuddle, Snuggle Or Burrow ?

Then our mycatpuppyshop snuggle dog bed is just what you’re looking for! The hooded covered dog bed design lets your dog snooze in comfort between thick layers of soft Cushy Sherpa lining for the ultimate in enveloped comfort and coziness. The tubing in the hood is removable and lets you remove the tubing in the hood for a looser, “blanket-like” structure or keep inserted for a tighter fit for an open “cave-like” feeling to suit your dog’s preferences

Hood Provides Sense of Security For Dogs


*PLUSH COMFORT. This Sherpa dog bed lining is oh so soft and snuggly! Your dog will love the snuggly softness of this Sherpa dog bed, which helps your dog relax in supreme comfort for truly restorative, restful sleep.

*WARM YEAR-ROUND. Our luxurious fabric in our Sherpa dog beds retain heat well, so your dog will stay warmer, especially during the cold winter months! The heat retention capability of Sherpa fabric is especially ideal for smaller, older or shorter haired dogs who tend to get cold easily or who enjoy burrowing underneath the covers. 

*EXCEPTIONAL COMFORT. For dogs who love plush beds! The polyester in our cedar-poly fill is super soft, which means it provides superior comfort for better sleep, any time of the day or night.

*FRESH, ODOR-FIGHTING FILL. The aromatic cedar wood in our cedar dog bed absorbs odors for natural odor control, which means that your dog’s bed stays fresher for longer – and so does your home!  

 *ANTI-FLEA AND TICK. Cedar is a natural repellent to fleas and ticks, which means our cedar dog bed is a simple and effective way to help keep your dog safer from diseases carried by fleas and ticks that end up inside the home.    

*LONG-LASTING. With a poly cotton cotton dog bed cover, this bed is soft to the touch, it’s extremely durable and strong enough to handle daily doggy wear-and-tear. The resilience of  high quality poly cotton helps to prevent stretching and ensures your pup will be able to enjoy their bed for longer. Plus, you’ll save money by investing in a high-quality poly cotton dog bed cover for your pup that holds up for years and years to come.

*EASY TO CLEAN. No more dirty, smelly dog beds! Our poly cotton dog bed covers are machine washable, so your dog can always have a clean, safe place to snooze and your home will smell fresher, too. Just remove the easy-off zippable cover to wash cold, then hang dry.

*ATTRACTIVE AND AFFORDABLE. Poly cotton fabric is fade-resistant, shrink-resistant, and wrinkle-resistant, which means it holds up to heavy duty use and regular cleaning and still looks great. It’s a high-quality poly cotton dog bed your dog will love!

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Snuggly™ Dog Bed

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  • Poly Cotton Exterior
  • Sherpa Interior
  • Machine-Washable cover
  • Cedar/Poly filling for added comfort
  • Available in Microsuede Exterior


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    Very chubby and soft, problem with sizes, they only make mini dog beds, but I still wanted to try. My Greyhound is small but obviously it still remains small the biggest. The bed in if it's all right with the hood to tuck in, although obviously I have to get my bitch in because being so big is buried and doesn't know or can get inside like you so on that bad side, big dogs also need warm bed, In fact more than the little ones that are usually on the sofa/bed. How I said it's very chubby and soft, you just have to see how long it's been like this

    Doris Cruz

    With a bow top entrance to the bed cave, my dog soon discovered he could Bury himself in a cosy warmth. At first he layed in the entrance, and after a few games of find the toy or treat, he soon had the cave scene licked. This particular bed, although not on the cheap side,is worth the expense as my doggy loves it.

    Sanjay Solomon

    I have a large whippet who likes to pull up every blanket on any sofa to get in underneath. He doesn't like to be cold when he sleeps! Whippet is now loving his new bed after a little training. The only negative is that the sherpa fleece moults as it is new. So I would shake and vacuum before use to stop it going in the dogs eyes. Overall. Would have another and well made.

    Aleeza Chaney

    I have to say, I am quite impressed with the effects of this bed. We have 3 dogs total, 2 chihuahuas, one brussels griffon(well, I had one well behaved dog, but then I decided to let the gf move in after an extended period of time and ended up with 2 more dogs). One of them lives in a cage whom I could care less about, as she is spawned from the evil lord satan himself. The brussels griffon and other chihuahua are pretty content with sitting next to us on the couch though on a typical day.

    The chihuahua LOVES to burrow into anything it can find though. Whether it be towels, comforters, sheets, clothes. He also is very high energy. He leaps from one of my expensive leather couches to the other expensive leather couch with no regard.