🖌️🖌️ The tree of life lamp is like a beacon of hope, illuminating the darkness and guiding us towards a brighter future.🖌️🖌️

 “Illuminate Elegance - Where Light Meets Minimalism”

Experience the epitome of modern lighting with our wallmount arc lamp. Its sleek design not only brightens your space but also serves as a statement piece of art. Perfect for those who appreciate the blend of functionality and style.

“Sweeping Light, Simple Delight - The Arc of Ambiance” 

Transform your bedside into a haven of tranquility with our minimalist arc lamp. The gentle curve and adjustable light invite a serene atmosphere, ideal for your nightly retreat. It’s where minimalism meets your moment of peace.

🖌️🖌️The tree of life lamp casts a warm, golden glow like the sun shining through the leaves of a forest. 🖌️🖌️

🖌️🖌️ The tree of life lamp was like a beacon of hope, shedding its warm glow into the darkness of my soul.🖌️🖌️

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2 Different Design Styles To Match Your Home Interior



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Tree of Life Lamp Charger

"Its a great lamp with lots of features! I like it a lot," Kevin

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The balance lamp was like a pendulum, swinging back and forth between light and dark, hope and despair, love and loss.

  • Concise Design table lamp – Wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker and desk lamp are combined in Light of Tree. Natural and comfortable stepless dimming light through cherry wood shade will be the finishing touch that lights up your home.
  • Wireless Speaker – Light of Tree table lamp has further optimized the speaker, delivering crystal clear full-range sound wafting and lingering in the room.
  • Wireless Charger - Charge efficiently and fast with just a single move, and forget about those tangling cords. Compatible with iPhone X, 8 , 8 Plus, Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8 Plus, S7, Galaxy S7 Edge & All Qi/Wireless charging enabled devices.
  • Exclusive Edition – This table lamp edition has optimized the sound quality, and sleep experience by featuring a softer indicator and button lights. Logo free on lampshade. Let our life return to basics & simplicity.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Jef Cameron

    I got this for my brother and he put it on his nightstand by his bed to charge his iPhone wirelessly and give a soft orange glow in the evening. He just loves it and has been using it for years. If he's happy with it then I'm happy with it!


    Very nice, I brought this to place on my speaker, Klipsch 8000f, this was my best choice, it's a beautiful lamp, i have 2 now...


    I bought this for my bedside table, and I am enjoying it very much. The light is not glaring, so if you need to turn it on in the middle of the night, you won't be shocked awake and your eyes do not need to adjust so you can see. The speaker works nicely, and I have no complaints. The sound quality is good for a single speaker. Not a deep bass, room shaking experience, but I enjoy it. I love the convenience of wireless phone charging. You do have to set the phone down exactly right in order for it to charge. That is a little bit annoying. Also, there is an indicator light that is orange when the charger is not in use. The orange light blinks when you are trying to find the right location to set your phone for charging, then the light turns blue, and your phone wakes up when you have found the right spot for charging. The blue light bothers me at night because I like a very dark room when I'm trying to sleep. I solved that problem by putting some black electrical tape over the light. I pull it up when I want to know if the phone is charging, then put it back over the light while I sleep. Not ideal, but I still like this lamp. The lamp is pretty lightweight, not super sturdy, so I wouldn't give it to a young child, as they would probably break it if they are too rough. A teenager would probably be able to enjoy this if they are not rough with it.

    Kevin Whiteney

    Its a great lamp with lots of features!


    - The style looks amazing on my night stand
    - The Bluetooth speaker sounds pretty good for some medium soft music..
    - The sleep mode is pretty convenient it auto turns off after 30 minutes. I use it every night. To activate sleep mode "press and hold down on any of the light buttons on the front for 5 seconds" the light will flash.
    - The wireless charging is a great feature and was the tipping point for me to purchase this lamp. It works well if you figure out the perfect placement of your phone.


    - The wireless charging is a little finicky.. I have to place your phone in the exact angle and spot for it to work well. If I don't have it at the right spot/angle it will sometimes charge for a second and disconnect repeatedly. I think this is due to their contoured area around the wireless charging pad.
    - The Bluetooth speaker sounds pretty good at a low/medium sound, but when maxed out with some music with bass will make the lamp rattle a little, making it sound bad. Also the way you connect to the speaker is a little weird.. I have to hit the button on top of the lamp and it auto connects, but I can't just select it on my phone and connect.. Not sure why but I'm okay with it, because most of the time I listen to music I'm changing my phone on the lamp.
    - The brightness of the lamp is not the brightest, but I bought it as a night stand lamp which it is perfectly bright enough for. The light buttons are a little unintuitive, sometimes it's hard to get into the brightest mode, but after awhile I got used to it. "Slide your finger right on the dots"

    Overall it is a beautiful lamp and I use it every day!! I would purchase it again!!

    Felix S.

    To begin with, I am a person that loves small electronics. Since I just moved to a new city, and really need a lamp by the bed. The traditional bedside lamp which put the switch on the neck is really a painful for the person who may need the light at the middle of the night. Therefore, I decide to give it a try of touchable bedside light. In addition, I really love to listen music before sleep, the Bluetooth speaker is definitely a great add-on for my purchase. Overall, I am quite satisfied with the functions I tested so far, and would like to rate it 5 stars.

    Touchable light control: This is the main reason that I buy this set, and luckily surprises me at the first sight. The light itself is not glaring nor dim, and the brown wooden detail made this bulb cover more stylish. The warm light shines evenly around where it sits, which is nice for me.

    Wireless speaker: I always want to purchase Bluetooth speaker for entertainment or killing time, but I end up with not buying anything due to the extra investment ($50 or above) needed for a decent speaker. This wireless speaker is actually amazing which surpass my expectation! The sound quality is better than my friend’s Anker Sound Core III from my perspective. At low key range, the sound is clear, even the slight bass is recognizable; at high key range, sound is not distorted at all and the bass is strong enough. As to the volume of this speaker, it is loud enough to be a media player in a home gathering or party if put in the 400 (sq ft.) living room.

    In total, this small speaker integrated bedside light worth every penny you spend if it’s in need. The major functions (except charging) work great. I will definitely recommend this product to my family or friends.

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