🛸🛸A ferrofluid music lamp is like a starry sky that dances to your favorite song.. 🛸🛸

🛸🛸A ferrofluid music lamp is like a lava lamp, but with iron filings that respond to music.🛸🛸

🛸🛸The ferrofluid music lamp was like a lava lamp, but instead of molten wax, it used magnetic liquid that swirled and danced in time to the music.... 🛸🛸

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VENOM Ferrofluid Music Rhythm Desktop Lamp Decoration

"My eight year old, loves science, and watches, science, videos, where he saw someone using ferrofluid. He begged me to get this for him, so as a reward for good grades, this is what he wanted. He loves to play with it, and will pull it out to show his friends when they come over." , Jessica

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It was like a lava lamp, but for music.

  • ♪【Music visualization】The magnetic fluid keeps rhythm under the warm white light. According to the music of different rhythms played by the user, the magnetic fluid will show different speed and shape changes, giving people visual enjoyment.
  • ♪【Usage scenarios】It can be used as a music mate/sound partner for HI-FI speakers and Bluetooth speakers, desktop creative gift toy ornaments, ferrofluid displays, relieve tension toy, ferrofluid dancing lamp, and can also be placed on the piano surface as a piano Metronome.
  • ♪【Relieve tension】Put it next to the speaker and it will dance to the rhythm of the music. Enjoying the beautiful dance of ferrofluid while listening to music can relieve tension.
  • ♪【Practical design】There are three touch switches on the back of the speaker, which are the power switch, the light switch and the magnetic fluid jump switch, which are sensitive to operation; the Type-C interface is connected to the power supply, and the appearance is very artistic.
  • ♪【Material】Note:Does not contain speaker will not make a sound.High strength ABS plastic shell,Imitation oak grain design,crystal diamond decoration,high transparency glass,nano iron powder,pure water,environmentally friendly and non-toxic.Built-in MIC,white LED backlight,can be used without connecting to any line,built-in battery,can last 8 hours when fully charged.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Tom Steele

    My son wanted a ferrofluid bottle for Christmas and I didn't think it was that big a deal. He let me know right before Christmas that was one of the things he really wanted.

    So I ordered a cheap $30 ferrofluid bottle. But then I saw this and thought, "Maybe this will be cool too."

    Boy was I right!! He LOVES this gift and while it wasn't super cheap, it was by far and away his most appreciated gift and I felt really good about it because it showed I was listening and I went above and beyond what he had asked for.

    That said, how well does it work. It is pretty solid. You aren't going to get wild, bottle filling gyrations, but it does dance with music or talk. It responds very well to lower frequencies. And it is very neat that it has a battery, so when you unplug it and haul it around, you don't have to plug it in again to get it to work.

    This is a really clever design, would be great for a science teacher, and for any science minded person who "has everything."


    Good quality of materials works best with fast music, with classical it almost doesn't move

    Stacy M

    Totally random purchase. I was a little worried cause
    most reviews were good but a few had particularly bad experiences (seems like factory issues and product defects), including the glass breaking and oil/ferrofluid spilling onto their desks. But, I’m glad I splurged for it.
    Playing with the magnet manually is a lot of fun, did that right out of the box, though I’m a little concerned banging the metal magnet on the glass a lot might not be great haha (probably can put some cloth or rubber at the end of the magnet cause it’s strong enough still). But, when you get it plugged in and turned on, the backlight is BRIGHT, and staring it react to music is a lot of fun.
    I had sort of imagined it like those videos where people put sand or fluid on speakers and it makes very cool, perfectly parallel shapes. It won’t make and hold specific geometric shapes with music, it’s sort of like lava lamp but fast moving (globules bounce up and down, breaking apart and coming together), though in that random bouncing you do get moments where those signature Ferrofluid sharp spikey arms pop out. Behaved differently than expected but, I find it equally awesome and mesmerizing.
    The wood is nice looking too. Mine did have a TINY air bubble you can see when it is rotated but when it sits on a desk as intended, that bubble disappears into a tiny little gap at the very top of the circle and seems to cause no issues.