🐶😻The Ultimate Solution for Busy Cat Owners Who Want to Keep Their Cats & Dog Happy and Healthy 🐶😻🍽️

Never Miss A Meal & Free Up Your Time From Feeding

No need to worry about your pet’s feeding time, even when you’re not around. They will always get their food on time.

Establish A Discipline, On Time, Healthy Meal Routine, Remind Your Pet To Eat With Voice Recordings

Decide how many times a day (up to 4) and how much food (5-100g) your pet will get, and have a better control over their eating habits and timing. Play a voice recording of up to 10 seconds to remind your pet that it's mealtime, even when you're not home

MODEL 1 : NO WIFI - Fully Customize Your Pet's Meal Schedule

Program meal times, meal portions, and voice recordings with easy touchscreen functionality

Removable parts for easy cleaning, Power Backup Ensures Pets Are Always Fed.

Removable food container and sturdy stainless steel food bowl makes cleaning a breeze, USB powered with battery backup so electricity blackouts never stop your pet from getting fed

Anti Jamming Design Ensures Product Longevity

Anti-clogging technology ensures your pet's food is dispensed when intended to keep them fed on their schedule


Experience The Ease Of Setting Your Feeding Time With WIFI Cntrol Through Your Phone

Our Customers Always Pair The Feeder With Our Water Dispenser For Their Pets

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SMART Automatic Pet Feeder (3.5L)

"Salvation for me, I'm sometimes sent on a business trip or have to stay overnight somewhere, but the cat is now always fed!" Annie

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 How to Make Your Cat Love You More With This Smart Pet Feeder 💕 

You love your cat & dogs, and you want them to love you back. But sometimes, it can be hard to show them how much you care, especially when you have a busy schedule and can’t always be there for them. That’s why you need the 3.5L Automatic Pet Feeder Smart Food Dispenser for Cats & Dogs. This smart pet feeder is the perfect way to make your cat love you more, by providing them with delicious and nutritious meals every day, at the right time and amount. You can also record your voice to say hello to your cat and make them feel loved, and watch their eating habits via the app. The feeder has a stainless steel bowl that is safe and easy to clean, and a low food alarm that reminds you to add more food. With this smart pet feeder, you can make your cat love you more, by giving them the best care possible. 😍

-Smart food dispenser
-Detachable metal bowl
-USB Power cord

✔️ Pre-Set Feeding Times
: Choose when and how often your pet is fed with up to 4 pre-set meal times per day.

✔️ Custom Meal Portions: Set your pet's meal portions so they only ever eat exactly the amount they need to for each meal, every meal.

✔️ Voice Recordings for Meal Times: Let your pet know when it's meal time, whether you're home or not, so they never miss a meal.

✔️ Flexible Power Supply: Plug-in adapter with back-up battery functionality so in the event of a power outage, your pet still gets fed (batteries not included). 

✔️ Safety Features: Built-in infrared sensor to detect the amount of food already in your pet's bowl and stop the feeder from clogging or the bowl from overflowing, as well as overheating, overvoltage, short circuit, and fire protection.

✔️ Large Storage Capacity: Holds up to 3.5L of pet food at a time 


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Sarah Garcia

      I got this smart pet feeder for my cat, Oliver, who is very greedy and tends to overeat. This feeder helps me control his portions and prevent him from gaining too much weight. I can set up to four meals a day for him, with adjustable sizes and times. I can also record my voice to call him to eat, and watch his feeding status via the app. The feeder has a stainless steel bowl that is durable and easy to clean, and a low food alarm that alerts me when the food level is low. This is a smart and effective way to manage my cat’s weight.

      James Wilson

      I travel a lot for work and I always worry about leaving my dog, Bella, alone at home. This smart pet feeder has made my life so much easier, because it lets me feed Bella remotely and keep an eye on her via the app. She always gets her food on time and in the right amount. The feeder also has a voice recorder that lets me say hello to Bella and make her feel loved. This is a wonderful product for pet owners who travel frequently.

      Lisa Brown

      I have two cats, Milo and Nala, who have different dietary needs and preferences. This smart pet feeder is perfect for them, because it allows me to customize their portions and feeding times. I can also monitor their eating habits and adjust their meals accordingly. The feeder has a stainless steel bowl that is safe and hygienic, and a voice recorder that lets me greet my cats and encourage them to eat. This is a smart and convenient way to feed my cats.

      David Jones

      This smart pet feeder is a lifesaver for me and my dog, Rocky. I work long hours and sometimes I can’t make it home in time to feed him. With this feeder, I can schedule his meals and check on him via the app. He always gets his food on time and in the right amount. The feeder also has a low food alarm that reminds me to refill the food tank. This is a great product for busy pet owners who want to keep their pets happy and healthy.

      Jennifer Smith

      I bought this smart pet feeder for my cat, Luna, who is very picky about her food and likes to eat at specific times. I love how easy it is to set up the feeder with the app, and how I can record my voice to call Luna to eat. She seems to enjoy hearing my voice and always comes running to the feeder. The feeder is also very sturdy and easy to clean. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to feed their pet without any hassle.