"Unleash Your Inner Beast: The ManShed™ Trimmer Tames Body Hair for a Bold New Look!"

"Sleek, Smooth, and Sexy: The Trimmer for a Perfectly Groomed You!"

Suitable For Shaving All Parts Of Body


Ever tried to groom your sensitive areas with a regular trimmer and got snags and nicks? Our blade guards shield your skin from coming in contact with the ceramic blades while ensuring a clean cut of the hair without any tugging.


Our trimmers provide a just-above-the-skin, 3mm trim for a barely-there look without the risk of cuts from a razor. Get a safe and precise trim with Meridian.

Clip your body hair down to a neat and tidy 3-6mm length with trimmers using a shorter guard setting. Achieve a well-groomed look with ease.

Tame unruly body hair and even out length with Meridian trimmers using a 9-12mm guard. Go natural and embrace your body hair with confidence.

Patented Shaver Head Technology, Extreme Thin Blade With Efficient Shave

IPX7 Waterproof, Wet & Dry Use & Low Noise

"Be Confident in Your Skin: Trim Your Body Hair with The Trimmer Today!"

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Manshed™ Body Hair Trimmer

"Best invention since the wheel. As a guy I am always getting nicks and cuts , but after getting the Manshed Trimmer I am one happy camper. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to avoid nicks and cuts and wants your balls to be as smooth as a babies butt! ", John L.

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  • MULTIPLE GUARD LENGTHS: Manshed's men's trimmers and body hair groomers come equipped with 2 reversible guards and 5 hair length options (clean, 3MM, 6MM, 9MM, 12MM) to provide the perfect grooming experience for men's pubic and body hair. Easy to use and comfortable.
  • WATERPROOF: Make a splash with Meridian's waterproof electric groin hair trimmer for men! Whether in the shower or diving deep, trust our trimmer to deliver reliable performance for men and women alike.
  • NO NICKS: Say goodbye to shaving mishaps with Manshed's NO NICK safety trimmer for men and body hair groomer. Even if you slip in the tub, our trimmer will leave you with nothing but a bump on your head. Relax and groom with confidence!
  • QUICK AND PAINLESS: Don't let hairy situations get in your way anymore! Meridian's electric trimmer for men is perfect for tackling any body hair. With a powerful motor to menscape, it's quick, easy, and painless to use. Say hello to Manshed's men's body hair trimmer and goodbye to unwanted hair.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Saul Miguer

    Great product, read the instructions carefully and it works well. No nicks or cuts. Well made product.


    If you’re in two minds to buy it, take the plunge and get it - You wont regret it.


    A great product. The shave is clean and neat with no discomfort. Highly recommended.


    Es muy buena, cumple con todo lo que menciona

    Raul Zamora

    I never write or give reviews, but this thing delivers. Just got done with the first use and had no nicks and no cuts. Used all over a sensitive groin area with great results. The waterproof feature makes this one a no-brainer. Great product.