A snack box cat bed is like a giant pizza box with a hole in the middle.


  • Security: Boxes provide a sense of safety and a controlled environment, reducing stress by limiting the angles from which a cat can be approached

  • Instinct: Cats have natural instincts to seek shelter in dark, enclosed spaces, similar to their wild ancestors who needed to hide for survival.

  • Warmth: Cardboard is a great insulator, keeping cats warm and comfortable, especially since they prefer temperatures higher than typical room temperature.

  • Playfulness: Boxes serve as a play area where cats can bite, scratch, and leave their scent, which can be a fun alternative to static beds.

  • Curiosity: Cats are naturally curious and enjoy exploring new spaces. Boxes can be more intriguing than beds due to their varied shapes and sizes.

  • Hunting Behavior: Boxes can simulate the experience of hiding and stalking prey, allowing domestic cats to engage in this natural behavior.

Promotes Deep Relaxation & Security In Cats, Reduce Anxiety, Fatigue And Stress.

Perfect for a feline who wanted to feel like a king in his own castle.

Like a tiny house for my cat, a cozy little place where she could curl up and take a nap.

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Snack Box Cat Bed

" The quality is very good and the perfect size (my Catas are quite large). I asked size L. Wash easily and the Catas are happy " - Serene

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Do you know that cats love a covered shelter to provide them security ? Moreover the velvet materials of this bed keeps them warm during winter

【Cute Design & Stable Sturdy Construction】This biscuit shaped pet house. The box and case are removable, making cleaning easy. The case can be used as a pet bed. Boa material keeps you soft and warm

【Washable】This pet bed can be used all year round. When washing, please use neutral detergent and hand wash

【Anti-Slip & Target】Has been treated to prevent slipping. The bottom of the cup is made of waterproof and dustproof material that has excellent abrasion resistance. Suitable for small dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and other small animals. Recommended for small pet such as medium-sized cats, large cats, poodles, Chihuahuas, Shiba Inu and rabbits and other small animals. It is a size that can hold 2 cats in size. Please check your pet's weight, height, and body length before purchasing


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Customer Reviews

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Great product my cat is very happy with it. Its quite worth it for the velvet fur inner lining of the box


s they are described. My plus-size cats fit perfectly. Excellent purchase.


This was easy to put together, feels sturdy, and is so cute. My cats enjoy the scratcher on the inside and I love to see them hang out in it.


Gabby loves her hutch does come and sleep on our bed she,s nice and cosy .


The quality is very good and the perfect size (my Catas are quite large). I asked size L. Wash easily and the Catas are happy

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