Like a time machine, transporting you back in time to the moment when your cat discovered that it was a toilet.

Like a minefield, scattered with the scattered remains of the cat's latest meal.

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Barker Meow

Kitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

"My cat Potato is thrilled to learn to go to the bathroom like his adoptive parents. The process is slow but fruitful. This item is ideal, which also has an extra replacement tray in case you cut the hole in the original wrong way.", Salvador

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Never Ever Have A Messy Cat Litter Situation Again !!

  • 🚽Train your cat to use a human toilet in 7 weeks or less. No more messing with dirty litter or cleaning the litter box
  • 🚽Save thousands of dollars on kitty litter, training is easy for cat owners to understand and use
  • 🚽Comes with a standard white seat that fits most standard toilet seats,No more mess, no more germs, no more smells, no more hassle
  • 🚽Ideal for older cats, large cats, kittens over 3 months, and multiple-cat households,Works with all sizes and shapes of toilets


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews

    My family though I was crazy when I bought this for the cat and started this journey. We almost got to the end before we jumped a ring too soon and had a set back. We are back to the beginning and I am sure we will be done with the litter before new years.


    I have purchased a few of these systems. This is the first one that has actually worked on my 2 year and 8 year old cats. They both use it. It comes apart easily, but not when I dont want it to. Its very easily washed and does not move once suctioned to the toilet.

    Daniel Grimaldi

    I like this toilet training platform a lot. Very well built, sturdy and easy to use.


    100% Tool My cat already done it in 7 days! !!!! And I am also very satisfied. I recommend CITI-Kitty to all people.


    Our cat is still using the kit with 2 rings removed but I'm so happy with this progress. It has taken almost 3 months but all efforts. I'm sharing my experience with the hope it might help someone not to be desperate during the training process and to believe in The kit is of good quality and removing the rings does not make it less stable for our cat (3.5 kg). The good thing is having an additional training insert. The kit perfectly fits the toilet bowl. were worth it! No smell, minimum cleaning, saving on litter, clean paws after using toilet, and more space in the washroom.

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